New Paid Admin Role at BFC

New Paid Admin Role at BFC

BFC is volunteer run with an all-inclusive ethos. All club officials are volunteers and the parents and carers of young players are encouraged to play roles within the club. However the increased complexity of organising a large youth football club means more help is needed to ensure the club continues to deliver a safe and enjoyable environment for all our players,.
BFC is therefore is expanding the role of the Club

Administrator to take up a greater number of responsibilities. The current role was established in 2015 and is currently vacant as the previous Club Administrator resigned at the end of the 20017/18 season due to her own work commitments.

The role will work with the elected club officials to help manage key administration tasks for the club. These tasks include registration, managing club databases, tracking payments, tracking and maintaining qualifications and registers of appropriate welfare checks, keeping records to help maintain Charter Standard status, helping book pitches, helping with league registration, communications publicity and website updates, helping organize club social events, coaching courses and summer camps and tours and other ad hoc tasks as directed.

Full details about the role are available at the following link

Please click here for BFC Admin Role Profile.

The deadline for applications and expressions of interest is two weeks from the date of this post – 22nd November 2018. We are hoping to appoint someone to start the role in January 2019.

If anyone has any questions please email or contact any of the current Committee members: Conor McEvoy, Jenn Athill, Christian Pilkington, Nick Broyden, Nick Ward and Ben Sanderson.

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